Barry Levin, ESQ
Specializing in Federal Criminal defense, white collar and RICO. We have tried numerous High profile criminal cases and have been successful with several acquittals and numerous favorable plea bargains. Additionally, we have represented numerous franchisee's in conflicts with their franchisor. Mr. Levin, a 1984 Graduate of the University of Bridgeport Law School, has tried high profile cases throughout the United States for over a quarter of a century. Mr. Levin has been featured in numerous books, articles and media. More about Barry Levin, Esq
Over 28 Years
Practicing Criminal and Civil Litigation,
Specializing in Federal Defense, White Collar and RICO

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Lewis Kasman -- remember him? -- says he saved my life so I shouldn't write bad things about him. For all I know, he may be right. So, in that spirit, I will take things down a notch and just report that the self-described "adopted son" of the late John Gotti is back, six months after he quietly slithered out of town free as a bird after double crossing Gotti and the feds.
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A murderous Manhattan woman afraid to face her two sons in court pleaded guilty Thursday to hiring a hit man to whack their wealthy dad two decades ago. Barbara Kogan, 68, admitted in Manhattan Supreme Court to having her husband, George Kogan, killed outside his girlfriend's pad so she could cash in on $4.3 million in life insurance policies she secretly had taken out.
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Barry is a true professional and the ONLY New York attorney that I would recommend to represent you in a white collar or a RICO crime. He is meticulous in his procedures, an ardent and zealous representative, and a "bulldog" in the courtroom, all tempered by his wisdom and vast knowledge of courtroom practices and precedent case law and their practical applications in order to reach the desired result. Additionally, he is well-respected by law enforcement who are keenly aware that when Barry is involved there will be no maltreatment of his client.” January 3, 2012
~ Damon DiSimone
In-House Counsel/Corporate Secretary, Peter Scalamandre & Sons, Inc.
I was fortunate to work with Barry in the run-up to the first Jr. Gotti trial. He impressed me as a skilled cross-examiner and a shrewd tactician, with razor-sharp instincts and street smarts. As important, he's personable and a joy to work with -- funny, warm, unpretentious and a real team player. The last quality, in particular, has become increasingly rare in our field. If you need a top-notch trial lawyer, Barry's your man
~ Marc Fernich
Principal, Law Office of Marc Fernich